Cheap Holidays on the Beach: Turkey Agean Coast

The Aegean coast of Turkey
Arguably Turkey's most beautiful region with beach holidays options, the Aegean beach coast is
an area of rolling hills and fertile valleys covered in cypress
and pine trees, olive groves and vineyards. Even 2,500 years
ago the historian Herodotus maintained it was blessed with
the best climate in the world, and in summer there is always
a gentle breeze to temper the fierce heat. The coastline is
magnificent, indented with endless bays and inlets.
Although parts of the coast are heavily developed, it is still
possible to find deserted beaches and unspoilt rural villages.

Maybe it was the beauty of these
surroundings that encouraged the
flowering here of brilliant civilisations.
After the fall of Troy around 1250 bc,
several waves of Greek emigrants
came and settled, founding cities
and producing great scientists,
historians and poets like Homer.
The greatest of these ancient cities
were Ephesus and Miletos, but
throughout the Aegean region there
are, literally, hundreds of ancient cities,
the ruins of which can still be visited
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